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A Dog becomes the most wanted gift for many kids. Dogs are the most loved and wanted pet in a family. Children to adults love Dogs. There are many breeds and types of Dogs. You need to find the best and the most suitable Dog to join your family.

So many prefer to get a puppy and start from there rather than buying a fully grown dog as it is easier to get the puppy trained to according to your lifestyle. However, it is not the easiest thing to do. As dogs come in all sizes and shapes. Becoming a pet owner is as important as having a new baby. It could be a bit overwhelming at times. Like children puppies too don’t come with a manual, so the best way to start with a puppy is puppy school from Brisbane Eastside.

While there are so many types of dog breeds, there are some that tops the list all over the world. The most common breeds are Poodle, Beagle, German Shepherd, Bulldog and Labrador Retrievers. These common dog breeds are almost known by a majority of people. As they are commonly seen in your local park, friend’s home or even at Dog shows.Poodles are known as the fancy prim and proper breed, however those who has owned a poodle will know how friendly and loyal they are. They are very intelligent and very friendly dogs. Beagles are loved by many for their cute puppy eyes, floppy ears and their friendly and loving personality. You will see Beagles at airports as they have a strong sense of smell and is used as sniffers. The beagle puppies are so cute and adorable. Also they could be quite mischievous too. There are places that conducts puppy preschools of you want to get them trained from the beginning.

German Shepherds, may look a bit scary however they are the most easiest dogs that could be trained. This could be seen at most puppy classes from It’s Not About the Dog! that have training for puppies. German Shepherds are loyal, however they need to be trained early to be more friendly to People and also to other dogs.Bulldogs are short an stout, they are known to be overweight and lazy. Bulldogs also has a unique look. A bull dogs looks could be the reason to be liked and disliked by many.The most famous Labrador, they are not only friendly and loyal they are a good breed for companion dogs. Labradors are commonly used as assistance dogs for the disabled. Their friendly nature and intelligence make it a pleasant experience to work with people.

All these dogs are family friendly dogs however you need to ensure that they are well trained by a good puppy preschool.